Prepare, Save Lives, Reduce Suffering, and Mitigate Damage

The common element in all disasters is human casualties. Community is the framework in which disaster preparedness and response programs are most successful.  Without community, isolated attempts at preparedness and response are possible, but they will not sustain community.


  • global disaster Information
    Disaster information, in the form of situational awareness, is the basis for informed response. In turn, informed response is the basis for creating and maintaining public confidence, which is necessary for convincing the public to act according to plan in the face of disaster. Daedalus will provide a clearinghouse for disaster information derived from a variety of sources.


  • Learning and Skill Development through Computer-based Gaming and social media*
    Daedalus is preparing to launch three levels of problem-solving and skill development using games and social media: a browser-based, social media game; virtual validation and training on concepts of operations; and, scientific problem solving.
  • *[A typical city during an intermediate stage of a game in SimCity 2000]


Humanitarian Emergency Assistance Response Teams—HEART Corps

  • daedalus TO FORM REGIONAL response teams and centers of excellence
  • Daedalus is working through the embassies of selected countries in the United States to determine the location for establishment of the first HEART Teams and Centers of Excellence. The initial activities at those locations—principally disaster risk reduction—will be consistent with the United Nations' concept of achieving disaster risk reduction in an economically-sustainable basis. Those teams and centers are expected to generate revenue and provide local employment.


Daedalus to develop unique applications of social media to humanitarian assistance

Daedalus' activities can be viewed on this website as well as other social media outlets, including Facebook and Twitter.