About Us

Daedalus Humanitarian Incorporated, is a privately-held, profit-oriented corporation that was incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Daedalus is dedicated to private-sector leadership in disaster risk reduction, disaster response preparedness, disaster response, and recovery—through corporate ingenuity, innovation, and dedication, which are the qualities that Daedalus is applying to this socially-important market. 


Investor Information

Daedalus welcomes the interest of potential investors from around the world, where its services, products, processes, and technologies have universal application.

Investment in Daedalus Humanitarian provides an unparalleled opportunity that is based upon a largely unsatisfied and growing market.  

Please contact Daedalus if investment in its unique, private-sector approach to humanitarian assistance is of interest.

Disaster-related News

Daedalus Humanitarian will, eventually provide an authoritarian clearninghouse for disaster-related information.

Daedalus synthesizes disaster-related information from several sources and recommends the Pacific Disaster Center as one of the most reliable sources available.

Click on the map to access informaiton from the Pacific Disaster Center.


Donate to humanitarian causes through The Daedalus Foundation

  • the daedalus foundation is an independent charitable organization
  • The Daedalus Foundation is a US/IRS-designated 501(c)(3), charitable organization that accepts donations and provides humanitarian assistance when and where the need exists. Please visit the Daedalus Foundation to gain a full appreciation for its charitable efforts to help those requiring assistance because of natural or man-made disasters--and donate today!


    Daedalus welcomes partnerships with companies that have similar objectives, complementary products, processes, and capabilities—especially those that have an interest in promoting global civil preparedness and disaster response—including those that have global logistic capabilites.